Vomvo 03 Part 3


Deep House

Vomvo 03 Part 3

24 March 2017

Vomvo is back with a cinematic story by the Danish artist Pete Oak. He is definitely one of the men to follow this year. Pete presents an amazing selection of pure electronic sounds giving his personal touch and offering his own soundtrack.
Vomvo is a conceptual album created by Sincopat that gives a different artist every year the chance to orchestrate a personal vision of his sound. Darlyn Vlys was the first one to develop this concept and AFFKT continued last year with another stunning collection. In 2007, we have Pete Oak as the leader, so let's enjoy the journey:
"For this VOMVO I wanted to create a dark, melancholic and emotional mood. Im a big fan of the dark aspect of house music. For me it brings out a lot of emotions and joy - it pulls me into a small universe with no worries, no hate, no pain and no Donald Trumps - only love.
All the music is handpicked from producers that I have worked with in one-way or another. Big and small artists - all of whom got something unique to bring to the table. Im really thrilled and proud with the result. A big and special thanks to SINCOPAT for this opportunity it is a great honour!".

Mastering by Pobla

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