Sincopat Remixed 07

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Sincopat Remixed 07

22 June 2018

Sincopat presents two of the best kept secrets of the year: Zurich based DJ and producer Jimi Jules remixes Upercents Pulsacions, and on the other hand, French talent Damon Jee offers a new version of AFFKTs Parafernalia.

Parafernalia was originally released at the end of 2017 included in the AFFKT Pentode EP. This release also includes huge remixes by Audiojack and Citizen Kain, but Sincopat head honcho still had a bullet in his gun. Parisian guy Damon Jee created some weeks later this incredible dancefloor killer with the Parafernalia samples. By his side, Pulsacions was included in the Upercents Tretze EP released also last year and offering top remixes by Nick Warren and Blond:ish. Now the Swiss unpredictable talent Jimi Jules gives his best presenting a groovy and hypnotic slice of electronic music.

Mastering by Pobla

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