Pedres EP

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Pedres EP

07 October 2016

The original music comes from Spanish artist Upercent who boasts previous releases on Sincopat, this one makes his seventh appearance on Sincopat. With a sound full of emotion, he is an artist who uses analogue equipment to produce music which tells a story. Also featuring on the release are separate remixes from Third Son and David Keno, who both come with a proven musical pedigree and truly international fan base. The first track titled Pedres has a wonky groove and distorted synth stabs fused with a jazz piano, which make this is a distinctively individual piece of music. With the introduction of its grinding bass sound, the track plays on the element of surprise and has unexpected drops that would ignite a dancefloor with eruptions of energy. Next up is the David Keno remix of Pedres and starting with the addition of his own vocal sample, David tones down the originals experimental sound. Stripping away many of the originals melodic elements, he adds a raw funk to the bass and works in his trademark groove. Focused towards Tech House, this remix provides the perfect contrast for this already well rounded release. Track three on the EP is the original Cronopio with a slow building, mellow vibe and dramatic synth work. Understated with stripped back percussion, its the captivating and intimate lead vocal that breathes life into the track. Epic in every sense of the word, this progressive monster is tailor made for late nights and early sunrises. Finishing things off is the Third Son remix of Cronopio, which still centred around the originals vocal, is more up tempo with an added sense of darkness. Adding his own digital sounding melody, he uses the originals synth to add tension and give the track an overall cosmic feel. The Third Son remix provides a nice alternative for those who want to build dancefloor intensity.

Mix & mastering by Pobla>/h5>

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