Tretze EP

Deep House

Tretze EP

03 November 2017

Upercent is without doubt one of the most prolific Sincopat artists nowadays. He is back home with three unpredictable electronic pieces where nothing is what it seems to be but everything is holding together.

First time you listen to Upercents music you notice it has something special, it's cooked slowly, with an exquisite treatment of each and every detail. The unpredictable Tretze opens the pack with an organic and crazy rhythm. Deep and rich in percussion. Pulsacions is probably the most indie Upercents track till date, offering a different treatment with melodies and voices. Last but not least, Retronar is a track where the artist presents a bunch of sinister melodies that, joined with an enchantment voice, build a magic atmosphere.

Mix & mastering by Pobla

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