Solarplex EP


Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Melodic House & Techno

Solarplex EP

08 February 2019

With „Solarplex" Matthias Schuell presents a dark and energetic club track with a memorable hook on Ritter Butzke Studio that has the potential to leave marks on international dance floors. Dahu interprets this massive track with a more rhythmic and bassy notion and sets the melody as a percussive element. Baime approaches the track more avantgarde with screaming synth sounds and a pitch distorted melody. 

The second track "Walpurgis Night" lives up to it's name. The arrhythmic and driving percussions find their finale in a huge break with accelerating pizzicatos that mimic the lift off of a witch on a broom. Kid Simius takes this sound and rhythmic components and transforms this Walpurgis Night into a magical club night.

Mastering by Pobla

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