Progressive House


31 October 2018

Millions of years of evolution have brought us here. Now so different, but the principles of life haven't changed. We all are witness of time ,development and change. Serenade, a composition in honor to all who brought us here. To everybody and everything. We shouldn't forget about reality, also we shouldn't forget to dream. Dreaming is magic, pure and mesmerizing.
Stil and Bense invite us to dream, but also to feel the drive and groove of reality.
Escapade and Seranade are two deep, rolling dancefloor fillers punched with crispy percs and dreamy synths. These two incredible talented young artists have a huge output, so they decided to throw in another jewel named spilled milk. These three are going to flush your mind away!
The two remixers Len Walker and WOTAFAK added their individual touch with plenty of catchy melodies, straightness and massive build ups.

Mix & Mastering by Pobla

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