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Stil & Bense

Stil & Bense is a new zeitgeisty Osnabrück/GER based project focussing on deep house and melodic disco sounds.
Tom Stil has been a DJ for over a decade, his sets are widely known for pumping beats and melodic grooves. Dr. Bense was born in Berlin, wrote his phd thesis on contemporary virtual music cultures and has the profound background of years of instrumental education.
Together, they combine the best of two worlds: the groove and continuos flow of the Club & DJ scene with playful melodies & chords that you won't find in an average house construction kit. Their music is deep and soulful: grooves that don't punch you right in the face, but find a way to your heart and keep you moving from within.
Tom and Arne are sonic soul scientists, they are doing their aesthetic research in intense production sessions, gigs, lectures, you name it... As always, further research is needed and these guys will go all the way – back to your heart – and take it upfront to the dance floor.

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