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Very cool news: Sascha Braemer has a new music label!
Don’t look further; you will finally get online what almost everyone who’s been at one of his sets has been looking for - his playlists. From now on you can buy all the releases from WHATIPLAY, the well-named label. You really can’t deny Sascha’s fantastic music taste – that’s why it just makes totally sense that all what this guy likes appears under one unique brand. WHATIPLAY was born when Sascha and his body and business partner Ralph Behringer joined forces. These two kept meeting like-minded people who love doing music – WHATIPLAY will give these folks a new platform to do just that. Plus, Sascha is a real open-minded guy who doesn’t believe music can be put in boxes; so WHATIPLAY won’t revolve around just one music genre. “Music is a matter of taste, that’s very personal” says Sascha. The new label will also offer a real friendly environment for music fans of all sorts who will be able to get in touch with one another – because here’s another of Sascha’s mantras: Together is way better than against each other. Just think of all his collaborations with the like of Niconé, Philip Bader or his duo with Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner… Anyway – what Sascha Braemer does, he does it properly. And rest assured, with WHATIPLAY some of your favorite artists will also be releasing; just wait and see, the Master won’t tell more. But one thing is certain: the first release will be –of course- from him.
- Markus Kavka -

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