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Teenage Mutants

It feels real, Teenage Mutants are always there, inexorably moving forward. An exciting adventure, a project where two German friends –Christian and Fabio- began by holding a party in Hamburg (Baumhaus at famous Reeperbahn) and now it has become an unbounded creativity and scope duo with the purposed to make us spinning with their particular ‘Techno With Drama’ doctrine. The duo represent a generation of DJ/Producers who don't need to attend any musical rules, just carve in their main passion and provides a fresh listening to the techno circuit audience. Heady, inspired and hypnotic sounds to always techno’s vibrant culture. Demanding people, no doubt! Although they have released first-class music on top-notch labels such as Filth On Acid, Terminal M, Tronic, 1605 or Noir Music, their current real aim is to continue conquering the worldwide clubbing field with their own imprint TRAGEDIE. They are ready -and more than even before by having full creative control- to explore, elevate and display their fine-tuned signature sound to the next level. “Excellence is never an accident… choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” (Aristotle, Greek, philosopher)

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