Suara Showroom 30


Progressive House

Suara Showroom 30

11 September 2017

Suara Showroom releases are a good example of the current kind of dancefloor sound we want for the label. Quality music above all, with techno influences, some melodic shapes, great vocals, low-frecuencies fuelled basslines, sharp hi-hats Four great tracks with their own character: Artbat goes into some kind of electro-pop sounds that fits in a wide range of club sessions. Jerome Isma-Ae & Tone Depth land with an intense track, full of synth harmonic layers and a big bassline. Stas Drive & Mystep count on lovely Cari Golden's voice for another potential hit. Paul Anthonee, Haze-M, Inner Rebels and Haptic on vocal duties delivered something epic, hypnotic and up-to-date. In a few words, four single tracks in the same release, following the real spirit of the Showroom series.
Artwork by GaAs

Mastering by Pobla

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