Suara Showroom 026

Tech House

Suara Showroom 026

09 November 2015

Let us give you some advice: don’t miss this release, every single track is a hit. The Deepshakerz- Unbelievable is solid, funny, raw and hot as hell. That sample will destroy your dancefloor. Philip Bader's H+++s Music- is such a personal but devastating track. A Dj-tool that if you play it in the right place at the right time, it turns into the track of the night. Bastian Bux- Screenshot has the groovy side of our kid, strong bassline and sharp leads. A proper wrecking ball, better than the Miley's one. Last but not least, Dale Howard- Represent, fat bassline, killer drum rolls and all Dale's thing. This new Suara Showroom is pure gold and you know it!

Mastering by Pobla

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