Progressive House


14 April 2018

The focus of the newly formed Mad Hatter label is rather specialized in House, but the Mad Hatter x-series will feature Techno music. The label plans to differentiate the different genres by the covers.

The Mad Hatter label welcomes Harry Doe for a new single that comes with remixes from Toni Rios, fran&co and Tino Priolo and Frank Kvitta. German Harry Doe is a producer of avant guard techno on labels like Torsten Kanzler's TKR, and once again he impresses with this new single.

Called Shades, it is eight minutes of melodic and moody techno. The drums are deep and infectious and the synths up top are perfectly crafted to bring real colour and emotion to the groove. It's one for the dead of night and will bring a sense of class to any set. The fran&co and Tino Priolo remix is a subtle one that layers in more frazzled synth lines but keeps the intriguing air of the original. Toni Rios then ups the ante with nimble drums and vocal sounds that bring a sense of serenity, and last of all Frank Kvitta gets wild with a hard hitting techno remix that has huge claps and brain frying synths.

Mastering by Pobla

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