Natural Blues (Coyu Remix)


Natural Blues (Coyu Remix)

Coyu / Moby /
14 November 2016

Coyu's words: "I've grown up listening to Moby. I've grown up listening albums like 'Play' and '18'. I've grown up listening 'Go', 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad', 'Porcelain' and 'Natural Blues'. They are all an important part of my life, but if there's one cut that really has touched my heart, has to be 'Natural Blues'. Can't explain why. Is not Moby's most perfect composition but it doesn't exist any other track that makes me feel like this. A mix of sadness and hope. And here I am, 31 years old (almost the same age as Moby when he wrote 'Natural Blues') and 20 years after its release, remixing my favorite tune. Trying not to destroy a piece of work I love and has meant so much to me. Has been one of the most beatiful challenges of my entire carreer. What else can I ask for when I'm remixing my favourite track? Nothing more. I just tried to give it my own touch. A tribute. Take it from my heart and bring it to the dancefloor. And I have the feeling that I've done it. I'm really lucky."

Mastering by Pobla

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