Music is an echo of the invisible world

Progressive House

Music is an echo of the invisible world

26 January 2018

DJ and producer Miguel A.F. born in Valencia Spain is our next welcomed artist on The Plot Music.
We embrace him and his brandnew EP 'Music is an echo of the invisible world.' in which Miguel brings you the beauty of two really catchy electronic gems, melancholic and driving at the same time.

'Bright Sea' starts with powerful drums and a melodic bassline. Pad sounds bring in a melancholic feel but don't stop the remarkable intrinsic power, which is driving the track forward more and more.

In the progression of the bassline and synth sounds in track number 2 'Falling Sparks' Miguel plays a lot with modulation which makes the sound very versatile. The playful arpeggios and open hihats finally show that with this pieces of music we have another pushing dancefloor gem on our label.

Mastering by Pobla

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