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17 January 2020

The latest in a flurry of sublime Lost On You releases comes from German producer Daniel Rateuke, who join techno's first completely philanthropic label for three tracks EP, a high-fidelity offering of oscillator explorations designed for sunrise at the after party.

With mad scattered tribal percussion, Maasai is a slow-burner, resting itself on the precipice of a mountainous drop and forcing you to stare into the bubbling abyss below. Pleas and exhortations whirl through the air, panoptic chords sweep through your vision, and you are falling. With each kick drum, Maasai reaches a new depth of subterranea, until you are firmly in the grip of the underground system.

The main feeling you take away from the Maasai EP is one of adventure not usually found in electronic music, of being guided somewhere - somewhere better - by invisible forces. And maybe there's a parallel with the thousands of disadvantaged people who, because of this revolutionary record label, are now experiencing aid, however minor it may be. Remember, every download goes towards helping make the world that bit less miserable. And with four stompers like this on the menu, what are you really waiting for?

Mastering by Pobla

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