30 October 2020

Amine K is Morocco's ambassador for electronic music. Amine's self prescribed job description is to put a smile on people's faces by sharing his music, be that as a DJ or through his productions, happiness is at the core of everything he does.

We connect with Amine when he played at our 12 years of Akbal Music in Tulum at the beautiful Boa, afterwards an instant collaboration was born with Akbal Music and for now we are very happy to welcome him on the label with Keya his stunning single.

Keya the original track delivers pumping drums, hypnotic synths and effected vocal snippets to create a nice vibe on the end, played and tested at the Bolier Room Dubai , this track is a serious banger.

On the flip side Animal Trainer from Zurich brings up a juicy organic re interpretation of the original, bringing things down to a more festival high vibe with a breakdown with lots of action. This package is coming from strength to strong. Enjoy !!

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