07 November 2017

The Transpecta label welcomes Darko De Jan for a new four track EP that includes remixes from Kiko and Matan Caspi. Dubai producer Darko has been releasing music since 2011. He does so on top labels and after a little break is now back with a vengeance and a fresh tech house sounds that is dark and broody.

'Brienz' is first and is driven by a slick groove with dramatic synth rifts riding up and down the scale above. Percussive sounds and hits jostle along next to the drums and help carry you away into the night. Next comes 'Thun', which is another synthetic progressive track with white noise blasts and plenty of futuristic tension but also some vocals. It's an urban soundtrack that is all spooky and haunting and will really make an impact.

The remix of 'Brienz' comes from Matan Caspi who makes it into an even more stripped back cut with big synth lines bringing the drama. They shape shift fluidly as vocal cries bring an exotic feel to the groove. Last of all Kiko flips 'Thun' into a tense seven minute techno track with nice hobby drums and bass and paranoid synths leaving long trails in their wake. It is robot music for the dead of night and rounds out a fine EP.

Mastering by Pobla

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