En Las Dalias, The Remixes Part 2

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

En Las Dalias, The Remixes Part 2

22 February 2021

We haven't had enough of our Las Dalias trip during the 019 release of Nazca Records. That is why Los Suruba has chosen four unique artists and friends to revive the most authentic Ibiza experience.
Prepare to dance as Theus Mago bring to you incredible spin-offs of Los Suruba's Las Dalias homage.

The Viracochas, beings of a different world and the Nazcas, lovers of art, beauty and nature have decided to revisit the magic place that is Las Dalias in Ibiza. This is the magic place where last summer Los Suruba, have enchanted their audience for more than six months, making their event one of the longest during this terrible pandemic.
Theus Mago decides to play around with your perceptions to the point where you are unsure if the music comes to you or from you.

If you want to imagine Las Dalias of the future, this is your album, the perfect soundtrack where the bizarre, the misfits and the free unite.

Mastering by Pobla

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