Summer Holidays 2017

28 July 2017
/ Pobla

We love you but... WE NEED A BREAK!

Summer Holidays 2017

We love our time in the studios and we definitely love our job, but we need some time doing nothing and giving the equipment a bit more than two days off! You know we don't usually go too far from the speakers but we need to make an effort and give our ears some rest.

We will be closed just one week, from Monday 14th to Friday 18th of August and we'll be back to your tracks on Monday 21st, more eager than ever!

If you need your tracks finished before we go on vacation you need to send it all to before Monday 7th of August and we will work the whole week to get it all ready on time. If you can't send it on time and you are still preparing your files you can also take our week off to export, bounce and prepare it all properly following our guide on how to bounce a track for mixing in 10 steps.

Enjoy your Summer Holidays!