Electronica / Downtempo
Melodic House & Techno


K.E.E.N.E. is the duo formed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, who since 2010 have become a referent for the best Electronic and House music in Panama The K.E.E.N.E. sound is clearly seductive and elegant, taking elements of the Deep, House and Techno genres. That unique brotherly complicity is poured into what they do, with their combined musical and technical talents eliminating their possible weaknesses. Both are perfectionists that have found their personal way of making music, a process that is as organic as it is electronic, and you just have to see the dancing throng while they dj to understand it. The duo has created two important spaces for the promotion as well as enjoyment of electronic dance music in Panama: Flashmob, a series of shows with international Dj’s like: Seth Troxler, Radio Slave, Till von Sein, Benoit & Sergio, Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr. Tanner Ross, Tigerskin, Soul Clap, Lee Curtiss, No Regular Play y Ryan Crosson, and Late Night Music, where new local artists show their stuff every Friday night.. In the last two years they have been able to bring to Panana Resident Advisor’s #1 djs: Seth Troxler, Dixon and also Nicolas Jaar, who have been choosen #1 live act for third year in a row. Their commitment to develop local talent has also enticed them to create their own label, Aspinwal Bureau, which hopes to promote sounds that reflect some of that unique Panamanian character.

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