Jasper de Vries also known as JSPR is a DJ and producer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Jasper developed a strong taste for music at an early age and especially for electronic music. Bands as the Prodigy and Underworld were his early influences, not knowing there was a genre for this kind of electronic music. Later on Jasper got mix tapes from his nephew from dj's such as Carl Craig, Carl Cox and Michel de Hey. After graduating from high school Jasper came to the source of Techno music in the Netherlands, which is Rotterdam, and Jasper discovered his talent as a DJ in a student discotheque called Bikini. After several years of intense DJ'ing throughout the Netherlands, he decided to take a step back and began focusing on producing techno music. His debut solo record called '' A Duck, Boys And Girls '' was released on the legendary Traum Schallplatten and after this JSPR released music on labels such as Manual/MNL and CInematique. You can describe his music as techno music, which can be warm and cheerful but also dark and moody, with a lot of groove.

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