La Reine Rouge

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

La Reine Rouge

12 febrero 2021

Lost on You is delighted to welcome DJ AroZe to the label with his newest work 'La Reine Rouge'. The talented Israeli producer has been causing a stir with his melodic techno-influenced productions and makes his debut with three impressive original tracks including a remix by Rafael Cerato.

In his debut on Lost on You, DJ AroZe leads with the outstanding "La Reine Rouge"; a stunning melodic indie affair. The track uses a deep rhythm as a base, underpinned by a deep bass and sexy vocal line catching your attention with a splash of sexuality all over your ears.

The progressive soundscapes of the title track, "Breath You In", with Stephen Sims, comes next and DJ AroZe's influences are immediately evident, as subtle free-form concepts are derived from his inspired instrumentation. Undulating melodies travel along a smooth groove that anchors an earphone montage to create a special moment of sonic infusion that will leave a mark on your auditory perception.

With "And I" Feat. Eleonora', DJ AroZe truly shows that there are no limits, as this beautiful melodic jewel leads you into a melodic, techno-driven embrace of a release that will leave you with many smile-induced moments! Don't miss out.

To complete this spectacular release, Rafael Cerato's remix leaves his musical print on "La Reine Rouge" a more disco touch version of the original will transport the listener through his hypnotizing melodies back in 2010 hitting us every time with his atmospheric riffs and filled by the sensuality of Coral voice that catches you over and over again, like a caustic mantra that involuntarily makes its way into your subconscious.

Mastering by Pobla

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