Access EP


Melodic House & Techno

Access EP

09 agosto 2019

Christian Nielsen is back on Sincopat this time for his first solo EP on the label. The Danish artist is a relentless person: office worker by day and music hero by night, he has definitely found his path in electronic music.Talking about music, 'Access' opens the EP with one clear aim: make you dance. It counts with an amazing and epic breakdown to be enjoyed entirely. On remix duties, AFFKT takes the track to his painting easel adding more melodic notes to the landscape with his unique and personal style, Sincopat's big kahuna proves once again his talent with this powerful and organic remix. On 'Stroke it', Christian uses the minimum items to get the best result, you won't need anything else to find this track awesome: it is sinister, hypnotic and really effective. Last but not least 'Back Seat' is the perfect closure for the release, adding an even more timeless flavor to the whole pack. Enjoy!

Mix & mastering by Pobla

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