Electronica / Downtempo


Frequently, the night clubber scene is not sensitive enough to the essence of music; however beGun belongs to the “bedroom-producers” generation whose artistic maturing process has evolved a melancholic and experimental proposal of music that moves away from the stereotypical nightclub productions and clearly positions its sound as future electronic music.After many years of classic music studies and after being involved in a few miscellaneous projects, beGun main focus lies on synthesizing sensibility, experimentation and contemporaneous electronic music in one single project. The results are chillwave harmony-rich melodies and warm synth-pads on complex synthetic dub-based beats with a recognizable pop spirit, orientating the sound between state- of-the-art genres such as Future Garage and Experimental Bass. In his songs, beGun presents elements evoking the most delicate side of Dubstep, being on the edge between Dreampop and Landscape Electronica.

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